Saturday, December 31, 2011

Module 2: Diffusion of Distance Education

According to Dr. George Siemens, acceptance of distance education is growing due to the increase of online communication between people, whether they are family members, colleagues or strangers with whom they need to collaborate. Communication and collaboration with diverse and global groups has become much easier and more efficient in these last years. Dr. George Siemens believes that distance education will be impacted by new communication technologies, and that the higher education institutions will all gradually adopt distance education technologies although he also believe that face-to-face education will not be abandoned. Dr. Siemens did nevertheless not believe that k12 education would adopt national requirements for distance education. I also believe that online communication has become very important, and that people whether they are young or old are starting to use this technology to communicate among themselves.

Tools that are used to facilitate interactions among learners are Web 2.0, wikispaces, Skype, videoconferencing, facebook, email, websites, blogs, and twitter.  These devices allow students to collaborate with one another and share files which will enhance distance learning in a learning community.


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  1. I believe we communicate more because of Online communication methods. We stay connected to more people and in more places. This communicative aspect drives distance learning yet some courses are still a one way street. Why do you think that is?

  2. Technology has allowed people to connect globally around the world. In order for any distance learning program to be successful, all courses must be access through technology devices. If students are not able to access some courses online, then the program is not meeting the needs of the student population.

  3. Online communication is the up and coming way of life in and out of education but the need for F2F will contine. Online allows us to communicate with people who we would originally not due to geographical locations( for instance our class...would any or all of us ever come into contact with each other?). F2F is an everyday occurance and some people enjoy that aspect of learning vs.computers. I believe that both programs (online/F2F) shall be in operation to meet all needs of students. Online communication still scares some people!